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When did snow flakes lose their magic?

When did snow flakes lose their magic?


There was a time when

a forecast of snow brought me thoughts

of joy and hope

of freedom and fun

of warm coats and mittens

floating around me like the flurries of snow.


Most of all was the question,

would there be enough snow

to make ice cream?


We’d gather one big bowl of snow

(usually all we could find)

and with a dash of vanilla and a cup of milk,

we ate the best treat in the world.


But that was before I knew responsibility,

how deep it runs,

people’s lives,

anxious nerves,

unfinished projects,

availability of power,

world wide business needs.


And somehow I now see

the snow is lying on top of the ground.


There isn’t enough vanilla or sugar to sweeten the cream.


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Saturday, 20 October 2018

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