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These are books to which I have contributed to and have for sale at my on-line store by clicking the link above or use the Paypal link below. All but the cookbook are also for sale at my Amazon store or the Amazon website. 


Sage Public Library

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Sage Post Office LogoThe Sage Post Office holds all the contact information for the Lyndie Blevins, Guiding Wind and Sage-Tx 

This section of the website is reserved for those who have registered to be a part of the Sage community.

The Sage Photography Studio is where everyone in Sage goes to have portraits made and film developed. The latest photos of people in town are in display in the gallery in front of the studio. Senior portraits for Sage High School and the A. R. Johnson College are made here. (All of the photo galleries for the website are found here, as well)

Photos of Texas! This photo is at the visitor's center just over the Red River on I-35. Welcome!

Photos of my recent needlework. Click on the photo to see a larger view.
Vistas and flora views of New Mexico
Writing friends, events, places and things....

Logos for various places in Sage, Tx on the Guiding Wind website


Information for citizens of Sage

Mrs. Grace Brandenburg talked in the Duncanville school district for many years. She taught several generations of some families. She was an active member of the Duncanville Community and her church.


I'm working on a book project of the work of Mrs. Grace Brandenburg in Duncanville. The working title of the book is Affirmed by Grace. Please send me any stories you have about Mrs. Brandenburg's influnence on your or a family member or her work in the church and our community.


Sending me a story does indicate your perission to publish the story. If you would like the names changed, please indicate your preferance for the story being anamous. 

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