Cover of Writing for the Soul  Book Title  Writing For The Soul
Instruction and Advice  from an Extraordinary
                                      Writing Life
  Book Author       Jerry B. Jenkins
  Publisher              Writers DIgest Books
  Pub. Year  2006
  Pages      240
  Genre      Writing Refenece
  My Rating                 ♥♥♥♥♥   
  Ease of Read      Easy to read, but challenging if you are a  
  ISBN    978-1-58297-417-0

I was attracted to this book because...
   Jerry Jenkins and the Left Behind books taught me there was a place for Christian writers in today’s market. I was going to his writing conference when I bought the book. 
This book was about...
   Jerry Jenkins‘ experience as a freelance novelist and his advice on writing with a particular emphasis on writing for the inspirational market.   
Things I liked about this book...
   The most important thing I liked about this book is how often Jerry expressed my own thoughts and perceptions about writing. That made the rest of the book more comfortable to read and process. I felt at home. I also found his practical advice and the stories he shared from his own experience very helpful. 
Why you should read this book...
   if you need encouragement for your writing efforts, Jerry is someone who brings hope, encouragement and practical advice to face the fears and requirements of being a freelance writer.  
This book lived up to the back cover copy...
  The back cover leads  with this invitation, ‘Come take the journey of a lifetime.’ This is an apt description of the story of his writing career Jerry shares in these pages. 

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