That is the question being asked everywhere I’ve turned this week. And it leaves me cold. I know, I have many things to be grateful for. I have had a good life, but it is not quite the life I wanted.




Thanksgiving begins a .season where I feel the anguish of not having a family of my own. I miss the gatherings of my youth, of the sense of belonging they provided me.  


And while I’m grateful for the people in my life and for career that has provided a wonderful retirement for me, the thing I am most grateful for are words and books. 


I am grateful that God’s spoken word has created this world we live in. I am grateful that His written word has reached into my heart and guides my life. 


I am grateful God shared words with writers who wrote books that allowed my imagination to soar. I am grateful for books that are my consistent friends. 


People seem to come and go, but the books on my shelves speak of my life.


I am grateful that I will write some of those books.