The goal is not to bend or change ourselves so we fit the norm; the goal is to find the group in which we are the norm.  SImon Sinek


More than a decade ago, I took a huge risk and attended my first writer’s conference. American Christian Writers held their Dallas conference in conjunction with one of the retail book shows. There was a great line up of speakers: Lin Johnson, Steve Laube, Susan Osborn Titus and Marita Littauer. 


I soaked in every word. I listened to how they spoke. I watched how they moved. At breaks, I approached them with questions. I engaged with enthusiasm. I learned I had too much respect for the craft of writing to be able to do it part-time, so my writing career would have to wait until retirement. 


At the banquet, I sat at Marita’s table. While I enjoyed the conversation, to my surprise, I found myself to be a major contributor. Among these writers, I easily slipped into my true personality. I felt at home. Attending the CLASSeminar one day was my  number one take away from the conference. 


Last week, I fulfilled this long held ambition and attended the CLASSeminar in San Antonio. It was everything I had anticipated: the facilitators, the material, the lectures and the small group experiences.


More importantly it is a community to which I belong, and now as a CLASS alumni it is official.