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Penn State Fans - hold on to Something for Joey


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As a Division I  fan for 40 years, Penn State was often tied into my more important memories.         




For instance, the 1972 Cotton Bowl.  Watching the program and the results from Texas, I came to trust and respect Joe Paterno. When a scandal would flare in  college sports, I would think, at least there is Joe Paterno. As a Longhorn, this was especially true in the 70’s when our archenemy was a coach in Oklahoma. 


If these allegations were from his program, it would be easier to take. But Joe Paterno? I watched most of the coverage of the trial on TruTV in dismay. The Freeh Report must be very conclusive. Perhaps, what we know is only the tip of the iceberg.  are harsh, yet not unwarranted.


I feel like I was sitting on the table when the magician yanked off the tablecloth. The truth of what happened at Penn State reminds us of the evil in the world and causes us to question everything. 


My heart is breaking for Penn State fans and for the Paterno family. 


Responsibility for what happens on your watch is one of the great burdens of leadership. And vigilance to stand for the correct behavior towards others, especially in regards to sexual behavior falls on all of us. 


As a sport fan, I’m looking for something safe to believe in for a few moments. I should know better. Paul said it best in Philippians 3:3 (NLT),

We rely on what Christ Jesus has done for us. We put no confidence in human effort.  

The announcements from both Penn State and the NCAA speak for themselves. Yet in the midst of evil, there is always something redeemable. 


When I think of Penn State, I’m choosing to remember John Cappelletti’s 73 Heisman Speech. He honored his brother Joey who was dying from leukemia (Something for Joey.) Our true heroes aren’t on a football field. 


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