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Vincent van Gogh and Don McLean

Today in History 29, July 1890, Artist Vincent van Gogh died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Auvers, France, at age 37 




I am drawn to van Gogh’s work more than any other artist. Each piece brings me great peace and belonging. It is hard for me to separate my thoughts of his work from Don McLean’s song, Starry, Starry Night.  When I think of the paintings, the song comes to mind. When I think of the song, I see the paintings in the back of my mind. 


Although, I love Starry, Starry Nights, my favorite is Irises. The one white iris in a field of blue speaks to me it is okay to be different. 


For the most part I don’t search for meaning in his work. I allow myself to be drawn into the beauty.  And, oh, how his beauty draws me. 


What torment to have so much to say and no one to encourage you. 


Who in your life of beauty needs encouragement today? Will you reach out to those who bring you love and joy? 


Click to see van Gogh’s work and hear Don McLean sing

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