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What are your thoughts on the death penalty?

Following the jury selection for the Casey Anthony case, I was continually amazed at how many potential jurors claimed they either had no opinion or had not ever thought about how they felt about the death penalty.


I understand I am, by nature, a political person and issues mean are important to me. But, really, can any American adult not have given serious thought to the death penalty? The importance is even greater in a death penalty state. Choosing the ultimate penalty for crime is the gravest issue we face as a civilized society; do we have the right to decide to take a person’s life? Are there circumstances that give us that right?


When the death penalty is available to judges and juries, we all bear the responsibility of their decisions as citizens or it would be too great a burden for them to carry. I wish we didn’t need such a severe penalty. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. There are human beings capable of so much evil there is no other option than death.


I hope I never receive a summons for a death penalty trial.


The death penalty is a part of our society. You don’t have to come to an ultimate determination of your beliefs. Will you give it the consideration it deserves?

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