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Book Review - AIRBORNE by DiAnn Mills

Book Title     Airborne           

Book Author      DiAnn Mills  

Pub. Year    2020

Genre              Christian Romantic Suspense

My Rating   5 stars

Ease of Read   Very   

ASIN                 B085FTJJ9Q    

I was attracted to this book because…

DiAnn Mills is a friend of mine, and I always enjoy her books. This book is uniquely intriguing. This physical book is scheduled to be released in September, but due to the timely message of hope told in the story, the e-book was released this week.   

This book was about

FBI Behavioral Analyst, Heather Lawrence buckled into her airline seat expecting this vacation to Salzburg would take her far away from her stressful career and a broken personal life. But in a few hours, her plans were dashed when fellow passengers throughout the plane began to exhibit horrific symptoms of an unknown virus. Her professional skills were called in to help the crew care for the sick, control disturbed passengers and encourage people who were frightened and grieving until the plane was cleared to land. 

In a few short hours, Heather goes from starting a vacation to facing her greatest professional and personal challenges. 


Things I liked about this book

I enjoyed the immediate timeliness of the story. And even if the circumstances of the viral outbreak is different than our current times, the story is more realistic and understandable because of what we are experiencing.    

DiAnn always includes a story of faith being renewed and a story of faith being found. In each book, her telling of the rational thinking and emotions people on these journeys gets stronger. These stories in AIRBORNE touched my heart. 

Why you should read this book

In these times, AIRBORNE takes you away from our news events, but not too far away. It is a story filled with hope and restoration in the darkest of times.


This book lived up to the back cover copy

Yes, it is a non-stop, fast pace read that doesn’t disappoints the reader.    

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