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Book Review - Faith on Fire


FAith on Fire


     Book Title   FAITH on FIRE

     Book Author       Sherrie C. Wilson

     Publisher              Redemption Press

     Pub. Year   2015

     Pages      258

     Genre      Biography/Law enforcement 

     My Rating    5 stars

    Ease of Read     Very easy

                                ISBN     13: 967-0-9968791-0-1

I was attracted to this book because...

   While Sherrie is younger I am, she is from my home town, played for beloved basketball team, the Pantherettes, and then went to work for the Dallas Fire Department, while my uncle was in the upper echelons of the department. In addition to these facts, Sherrie’s story was meaning fun to me after spending four years of having Duncanville paramedics support my parents at their home and then mine as their health deteriorated. I was also attractive to the story of a strong female breaking gender barriers.

This book was about

  This is the story of Sherrie’s career to be the first female paramedic and firefighter with the Dallas Fire Department. It is a story of determination and tenacity with fulfilling purpose.

Things I liked about this book

  Sherrie was able to tell this incredible story in an intriguing tale showing not only her journey, but gives you a very compelling look into the lives of first responders. Sherrie also shares the importance of her faith in her life.

Why you should read this book

   There are not enough words to share how much this book effected my life. It is a great story which reminds of every person who has the courage to take the step to be the first of anything. Those steps are full of courage and determination and self-fulfillment to know that as individuals we are able to accomplish anything we set out to do. It will stir your heart and your soul. If you have younger women in your life, this is an encouraging and educational story of the example of one women who has worked to changed the world for women. 

This book lived up to the back cover copy

  As stated, this book will take you on a full-code ride of Sherrie’s career and your will have to hold on to her words with your life.

website for Sherrie C. Wilson  

Sherrie C Wilson


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