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Book Review - GILEAD

Book Title        GILEAD

Book Author         Marilynne Robinson  

Pub. Year       2004, 2014

Genre    Fiction 

My Rating 5 stars

Ease of Read   Moderate  

ISBN   978-0-374-60210-9  

I was attracted to this book because…it was recommended by friends. 

This book was about The Rev. John Ames leaves a vivid memoir of his life in his last perceived days, his father’s and grandfather’s history for his young son. He is more open and blunt about the spiritual and moral struggles of three generations of preachers helping residents in Iowa through the trying times of the Civil War and early Twentieth century. 

Things I liked about this book Robinson told this story in a complete narrative format. I like being exposed to different approach to telling then story. The old Reverend’s thoughts were touching and thought provoking. 

Why you should read this book A different voice speaking about the issues  that color our society today. 

This book lived up to the back cover copy I found the book was as good as the comments on the back cover indicated it would be. 


Marilynne Robinson

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