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Book Review - Not A Tame Lion - Edwards

Book Title            Not A Tame LION   

Book Author     Bruce L. Edwards  

Pub. Year            2005

Genre    Christian Living/Spiritual Growth 

My Rating   5 Stars 

Ease of Read   intermediate   

ISBN   1-4143-0381-5  

I was attracted to this book because… I have become such a great fan of C.S. Lewis. I want to know more about him and his work. 

This book was about  Edwards takes you on a study of Narnia from the eyes of its visitors and inhabitants, focusing on the character traits - goodness, valor, vanity, villainy and viciousness and the vindication of goodness in the great lion king, Aslan. 


Things I liked about this book For each chapter, Edwards list suggestive reading from the Chronicles, by book and chapter. I’m so drawn by this concept that Aslan was not a tame lion. How often do we think of Jesus as someone who has been tamed. And carrying the thought even further is that Aslan is not safe, but he is good. When we start our journey with Jesus, we find that it is not always safe, but it is always good. I could spend several months using Edwards insights against the references in the chronicles. I know my spiritual life would be enhanced by the time. 


Why you should read this book Now that you have finished the Chronicles, are you wondering what have you just read? What to make of the symbols? And who is this C.S. Lewis? Bruce Edwards will take you inside the Chronicles, C.S. Lewis and his circle of friends. 


This book lived up to the back cover copy Here is a sentence from the back cover that maybe will draw you into the book. “Travel to the land of Narnia for the first time or the eightieth- and discover anew the depths and insights that make C. S. Lewis’s classic series the treasure it has been for decades. 


Bruce L Edwards Facebook page

Unfortunately, Bruce Edwards passed in 2015

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