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Book Review - Skipping Christmas 19th reading

Book Title  Skipping Christmas       

Book Author   John Grisham   

Pub. Year  2001

Genre             Christmas Fiction 

My Rating      5 Stars  

ISBN   0-385-59583-3  

I was attracted to this book because...

John Grisham is at the top my list. I love his storytelling books, as much as his legal stories. Nineteen years ago, when this book was published, I couldn’t wait to see what he would do with a Christmas story. I wasn’t disappointed. 

This book was about

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Luther and Nora Krank see their only twenty-three year old daughter off to a two year tour with the Peace Corp in Peru. Not only are the dealing with the isolation from their beloved daughter going to a strange land, it will be their first Christmas without her. They decide to “Skip” Christmas this year and go on a cruse after Christmas Day, and they chaos begins. 

Things I liked about this book

This story challenges every aspect of the activities around a typical December and how it relates to the true Christian story. As a result, Grisham takes on our culture and calls it out for materialism, judging each other, well the list goes on,  and yet, brings us back to the beauty of truly reaching out and loving one another. 

Why you should read this book

 I believe this story is our Christmas Carol. When I read it in 2001, I promised myself I would read it every year sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If I had a family, we would be reading a chapter every night as a family. 

It is touching, harsh at times, and so funny. 

SKIPPING CHRISTMAS is a great book to read to learn the craft of writing. Every word carries the story forward. The characters are well developed from the first pages. It has an interesting concept. The conflict grows on every page, and when victory is in sight, the bottom falls out of their world. And the redemption for everyone is really glorious. 

 John Grisham

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