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Book Review - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Book Title            The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe   

Book Author     C. S. Lewis  

Pub. Year            1950

Genre    Fantasy

My Rating           5 Stars

Ease of Read           Very easy with great meaning 

ISBN   B0009NS97Y  

I was attracted to this book because… Unfortunately, The Chronicles of Narnia didn’t make it to my local library when I was a child. I didn’t get to read them until I was in my late twenties. I’ve embarked on experiencing Narnia once again. This time, I read The Magician’s Nephew before The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I went into this book with the fresh knowledge of how Narnia was created and some key information that allow pieces of the puzzle to come together from the beginning. 

  This book was about  During World War II, four Londoner siblings have come to live a Professor’s house in the county. Their great find is an old wardrobe which is gives them a great adventure in Narnia. Narnia is in an eternal winter caused by the White Witch. As sons of Adam and daughters of Eve, they are needed to be part of Aslan’s plan to conquer the witch and restore Narnia. It os tale of betrayal, forgiveness, sacrifice and redemption.

    Things I liked about this book The story is so powerful. I’m usually so angry by the time I realize what Aslan is going to do for the wretched Edmond. Almost immediately I realize it is the same thing Jesus did for me. It always rocks my core. The allegoric aspects of the story are intriguing and thought provoking. 

   Why you should read this book If you have ever experienced a long afternoon of bad weather wishing you were somewhere else, this is a story for you. Lewis sweeps you into an exciting world, where good people make mistakes while doing noble things. A great tale that helps you see Jesus from a very fresh view point.

    This book lived up to the back cover copy It is a ‘passport to a most extraordinary excursions into magical lands and enchanted happening, a time when you learn ‘how Aslan, the noble lion, freed Narnia from the spell of the White Witch.’


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