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The Sage Record
The Sage Record has provided continued news coverage of Sage-Tx since 1868. It has been through many owners/publishers and taken several forms. The Journalism Department of A.R. Johnson College supports the newspaper in many ways. (The Sage Record is Lyndie's blog)

You may subscribe for one or more of the newsletters depending on your interests, I recommend subscribing to all of them.

Headline news- This section of the The Sage Record covers today's headline news!

The Sage Literary Society
The Sage Literary Society is all things books, and the writing life. The English Department at A. R. Johnson College contributes to this column.

-Book Reviews
 Book Reviews is the section of the Sage Record where you can find book reviews.

-The Writing Life
 The writing world features stories of the writing life of Lyndie Blevins

Hanging @ the Space Bar - Lyndie Blevins
Hanging @ the Space Bar is the news column of Lyndie Blevins. The Sage Space Bar is the diner on the square in Sage. Between the domino game in the back and coffee bar up front, you can hear opinions about most major topics being discussed. It is a great place to stretch your imagination, especially since they've added WiFi! This is the backdrop for Lyndie Blevins' column in the Record.

History Notes
History Notes provides insight into events which have happened today in history. The History Department at the A.R. Johnson College contributes to this column.

The church of the valley
the church of the valley column reports spiritual and religious commentary. It is not supported by any particular church or denomination. Most of the churches in Sage have supported 'the church in the valley' as a part of the city's foundation. Part of the philosophy of 'the church of the valley' includes any specific church service can offer a 'mountain' top experience, which are valuable. However, it is in the everyday life in the valley where the church is really needed. 

The People section highlights various people in the life of Lyndie Blevins and their impact on her life.

Texas Roads
Texas Roads highlights places in Texas.

The Arts section highlights works of art, especially the work of Lyndie Blevins

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