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My current work in progress is The Sage Manifesto. I'm up to about 56 pages and 8 chapters. It tells the story of how the founders of Sage, Texas created the guiding principles for Sage, or The Sage Manifesto. The time period is 1867. Three civil war veterans have been on different adventures since the end of the war. They are ready to come home and build a different world. They are returning to the US and Texas after a Grand Tour of Europe. They want to get back to the wide-open spaces of Texas and watching longhorns graze. Just before the ships leaves Le Harve, France, two of the group gets into a lot of trouble. Instead of enjoying their stateroom cabins, they are going to make the voyage in steerage with goats. One of them has pretty bad wound. I'm pulling for these guys, because I have a lot invested in Sage, but I don't know. Things are not looking good for them at the moment.   

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