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Selection of the Casey Anthony's jury

The last couple of days, I’ve been watching the jury selection for the Casey Anthony case. Up front let me say I’m grateful I don’t qualify for jury selection in Florida. I haven’t been too impress with the process. 




How the world and I have changed since the last time I was called to jury duty, which was only a little over a year ago. I did have my Kindle with me and I had a facebook and twitter account. I also have a blog, Write reviews on Amazon, eBay and other on-line sites, as well as comment on other blogs and editorials. During the ensuing year, my online activity has skyrocketed. 


Evidently all these things could have an impact on any future jury duty. Not to mention my Nancy Grace and Court TV addictions. Who knew?


The jurors for this case are going to be sequestered at least two months a county away from home. They are to have no connection with not only the standard newspapers, magazines and TV: they are cut off from there internet connections! Two months of no facebook, twitter, email, while it sounds relaxing, I can’t imagine being out of touch with everything. Now that you can get newspapers and magazines on your eReaders, will they be completely off limits? Would I not be able to bring my lap top? Could I work on my writing if it didn’t have anything to do with the case? 


How do you ever get caught up with your real life after being in a court induced coma for two months?


The potential jurors are being asked, “do you want to be on this jury?”


Separating civic duty from the equation, this seems to be a catch-22 question for everyone. You’d have to be crazy to say yes. If you say no, will you be a disinterested spectator?  


What about you? Would you want to be on this jury?

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