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National Teacher Appreciation Week May 2011

With the problems facing our education systems, it is more important than every to express our appreciation for our teachers. My appreciation is not only for the work you do, but because I wasn’t willing to do it myself. 




I guess the education process changes for every generation. However, the changes in the system during my adult life have been incredible. 


Nothing can be more exciting and rewarding than helping someone, child or adult, to understand and do new things. Introducing new ways of thinking and behaving can be challenging. Teaching in this arena is no doubt one of the highest accomplishment of mankind. 


But, the challenges in today’s schools make it hard for any real teaching to occur. Cultural changes, diversity, language, life styles, violence, low self-esteem all contribute to distracting teaches from their real goals. 


In addition, you throw in administration, low budgets, higher teacher to student ratios and issues of salaries as second incomes ( I believe this is an unspoken issue), teachers don’t seem to have a break. 


So, there are no words to truly express our appreciation for what you in the classroom and the lives you are shaping. I can only send a heart felt thanks. 

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