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Book Review - AFTER PRAYER

Book Title   AFTER PRAYER     

Book Author     Malcom Guite  

Pub. Year  2019

Genre    Poetry  

My Rating   5 Stars

Ease of Read   enjoyable  

ISBN   978-1-78622-210-7  

I was attracted to this book because… I have known of Malcom Guite for a quite a while. This was the first book of poems I have read of his.

This book was about… This a collection of sonnets and other poems. The title was taken from a series of poems. The first collection was in response to George Herbert’s poem, Prayer.

Things I liked about this book… It has been a while since I read poetry in a consistent manner. I read several poems a day. I was touched by the religious challenges, the imagery, and the magic of poetry. My creative brain was inspired by the poetry.

Why you should read this book… Guite provides great insight into some of the classic poems that will help you understand them better. He will encourage you with wonderful spiritual and natural insights.

This book lived up to the back cover copy…It does provide you with the right direction for the content of the book.

Malcom Guite

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