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Book Review - Baptists in America

Book Title     Baptists In America   

Book Author     Thomas S. Kidd    Barry Hankins  

Pub. Year  2015

Genre      Religious History  

My Rating   4 Stars

Ease of Read   Moderate  

ISBN   978-0-19-997753-0  

I was attracted to this book because…As a lifelong Baptist, I am interested in the development of Baptist life in America to understand more about the institution that has shaped my life. i

This book was about the unique journey of a persecuted denomination becomes the second largest religious group in America. Kidd and Hankins intertwine Baptist history with the development of the American story. Both histories have greatly influence the other. While Baptists have traditionally insisted on the separation of Church and state, current times find many Baptist leaders advocating for greater involvement in politics. The book also outlines the roles Baptists participation in many national events in America history, including the conflict created by slavery. 


Things I liked about this book The thoughtful, organized and engaging presentation of the information. I have a great sense of Baptist history, but also of my own.

Why you should read this book If you have ever wondered why there was a Baptist church on every other corner or about the people who choose to worship there, this is the read for you.


This book lived up to the back cover copy The four short reviews on the back cover create a formative backdrop for the what you will find between the covers.


Thomas S. Kidd

Barry Hankins

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