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Book Review - Dead Sea Rising

  Book Title              Dead Sea Rising 

Book Author       Jerry B. Jenkins

Publisher              Worthy Publishing 

Pub. Year   2018

Pages      320

Genre     Mystery/suspense

My Rating 5 stars

Ease of Read     Easy read, fast pace action

ISBN     978-1617950094


I was attracted to this book because...

  Jerry B. Jenkins is another of my favorite authors. For almost two decades, he kept me waiting at the new release shelf for the next book in the Left Behind series. The Dead Sea Chronicles series, which Dead Sea Rising is book one, has the same potential. 

This book was about

   Dead Sea Rising is tale told with great craft of moral and political intrigue which covers four centuries, yet at it’s heart is a theme of love and protection of family. Three stories run through the book. Each of the story lines are full of personal conflict, legal, political and medical intrigue. The characters’ development reveal some of their past, some of their current situation and hints of their future potential. Two of the stories relate to the current day characters, Nicole Berman and her father, Ben Berman. The third line tells the story of Terah, King Nimrod’s chief officer, and his wife, Belessunu, and takes the reader to 2000 B.C, in Shinar, Mesopotamia. The Berman’s are Messianic Jews and archeologists. Nicole’s greatest desire is to be the lead archeologist on a new dig in Saudi Arabia, but is defending her ability against prejudices of her being female, Christian and Jewish. The potential artifacts of her dig are a gentle tie bringing the three story lines together. 

Things I liked about this book

  It is a fast paced read with appealing characters. You find the page turned, although you planned to stop reading. And when you read THE END, you scream for more.

I learned fascinating information about Messianic Jews. It stimulated my imagination  about Biblical history. 

Having been the primary caregiver for both of my parents, Jerry had me with the first line. “It’s your mother.” 

Why you should read this book

   The Terah story reminds us there is more to the stories of Biblical characters than the snapshots we are shown in the Bible. It prompts us to think of them as three dimensional characters. The Berman’s provide insights to Messianic Jewish life and customs. All of the stories emphasize the choices we make come with consequences we have to live with. 

This book lived up to the back cover copy

  The back cover provides us with the back story we need to read the book. There is the hint of the potential impact of not only this book, but the stories to come.

I read an advanced reader’s copy and purchased one of my own.

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Dead Sea Rising

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