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Book Review - The Dream Traveler’s Quest 4 Book series

The Dream Traveler’s Quest 4 Book series

                               Book 1 Into the Book of Light       ISBN   978-0-9968124-6-7  

                               Book 2 The Curse of Shadowman      ISBN 978-0-9968124-7-4 

                               Book 3 The Garden And the Serpent     ISBN  978-0-9968124-8-1

                               Book 4 The Final Judgement        ISBN   978-0-9968124-9-8

Book Author          Ted Dekker  Kara Dekker  

Pub. Year           2018

Genre                 YA Adventure

Easy of Read.      Easy

 5 Stars

I was attracted to this series because…

  Ted Dekker and the opportunity of reading YA adventure novels.


This series was about

   Twelve year old Theo Dunnery, who is feeling alone and inadequate to face his fears in his world. In a back room  of the school library, he stumbles on an ancient book that draws him into another world. In this world, he must complete a quest that will carry on through all four books to discover he is the son of Elyon and overcome the darkness who had haunted him. Each of the last three books introduces another character to take the journey with Theo. They help each other discover the truths and gifts they need. 


Things I liked about this book 

  I liked the adventure and the truth. I found myself reevaluating some of my fears and darkness. Each of the books end with a tease to the next story. I was thrilled I had all 4 books. It would have been hard to wait to get the next book to continue the adventure. 

Why you should read this book

 I highly recommend this book for not only all teenagers, but anyone who is facing fears, insecurity and darkness in their lives.    

This book lived up to the back cover copy

  Yes, the information on the back cover is a great lead in to the story without giving away any of the adventure. 






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