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Book Title    THE PATH BETWEEN US           

Book Author     Suzanne Stabile  

Pub. Year    2018

Genre     Religion, Christian Living, Enneagram, Personal Growth  

My Rating   5 Stars

Ease of Read   Easy  

ISBN               978-0-8308-4642-9  

I was attracted to this book because… I am enjoying learning all I can about the Enneagram. Suzanne co-authored the THE ROAD BACK TO YOU. This seemed like the next logical step to take. 

This book was about how the nine Enneagram personality types see and process the world. It is very revealing to realize how your type and the other eight types respond to the circumstances. First, you this book helps you understand your type’s motivations for responding and where to watch for how you can make positive impact on your own motivation. 

Second, understanding how the other type see the world and respond, helps remove judgment and gives you insight into build your relationships and not tear them down. 

Things I liked about this book Suzanne presents the material in an informative and entertaining way. Almost all of the antidotes, remind you of experiences of your life and your relationships. Most of the time, you are saying to yourself, ‘oh, that’s what happened.’ 


Why you should read this book In this life, relationships are the most important aspect of our life. You have felt at odds with both your closer family/personal relationships or in your distant professional/social relationships, this book will help you understand the conflicts. It will also give you the insight to help you take those relationships to a deep, more successful path. If you are like me, it will give you a greater desire to know more. 

This book lived up to the back cover copy  - I agree with the notes on the back cover. This information will lead to more life giving relationships. 

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