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Book Review -THE PRACTICE - Seth Godin

Book Title     THE PRACTICE   

Book Author   Seth Godin  

Pub. Year      2020 

Genre            Motivational  

My Rating      5 stars

ISBN              978-0-593-32897-2  

I was attracted to this book because… I’m always challenged and inspired by Seth Godin’s writing. I know my practice of the work I want to do is failing. Common sense suggestion that lead you to believe in yourself and take responsibility for your own magic.

This book was about It breaks down into three calls to action. 1. ‘Shipping - your efforts don’t count if you don’t share it.’ 2. Create because you are working toward making things better by producing a new way forward. ‘Creativity is a choice.’ 3. Work -  isn’t a hobby, it’s a practice that requires commitment. 

Things I liked about this book I’m always amazed at Godin’s ability to speak truth in few words. Reading anything he writes is never a waste of time. 

Why you should read this book If your work is lagging, especially if you are a creative. If you are waiting for the next great inspiration. If you are struggling with finding the time to fo your passion. If you are experiencing any of those things, this book will pick you up out of the dust that has surrounded you and turned you around to a more satisfying outlook on your practice,

This book lived up to the back cover copy -The recommendations on the back cover resonated with my experience in reading the book. From the inside cover - “If you’re ready to make a difference with your ideas and your craft, what are you waiting for?  Because we’re waiting for you.”   

Seth Godin

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