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More on my illness - Week of 11-21 July

Week of 11-21 July

First, the week of 11-18 July I determined to do something about my weight. It has been 5 years since the cancer and I was feeling strong enough that I could finally face the challenge and discipline of weight loss. I talked about my several options for approaching this with my dear friend and chiropractor, Dawn, and she really encourage me to be under medical supervision for the diet, with my past history. That made sense to me too; I went to see a Dr that she recommended. The diet made sense too, while it was a drastic reduction in calories, the food was all good and followed good nutrition practices. I mainly had to give up empty calories, diet soda, breads, most diary, etc. The diet actually was using the same food groups I need to eat for my blood type. So starting 11 July, I went cold turkey with diet sodas and chocolate from diet. I suffered caffeine and general food withdrawal, but everyday got better. Even though the food withdrawals were strong, I also had to admit that I was never hungry.

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What a bizzare couple of weeks

July 31, 2008

Today, I felt strong enough to sit at the computer for a while.

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