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The Bluebonnets are out!


On a road I frequently travel, there is a hill I top not far from home. Once you reach the summit, you can see the road stretching way ahead. Knowing there is something waiting on the other side, my heart fills with hope.






Week after week, topping the hill, disappointment would cover my heart . There was nothing, nothing but long stretches of dead, brown grass framing the road.

Yet, when it seemed the view was never going to change, (especially in year where it snowed on the first day of spring) the brown vista was now green and my hope began to soar.


Yesterday, I topped the hill with anticipation and found joy! The bluebonnets are out! All is right with the world once again!


God gave the world the rainbow as a symbol of hope. But He saved this delicate wildflower, the bluebonnet, for us Texans. They begin as dots of blue in the sea of green. Each flower has these tiny little blue and white petals. Individually they would quickly be lost against our vast horizons. Once when they maturely stand shoulder to shoulder magnifying each others hues, they over take the field.

God paints our fields and road with inspiration breaking up the overwhelming presence of the work ahead. He whispers you can plough that field, you can finish the school year, you can move into the long, hot summer. It’s only takes a couple of weeks, for our hearts to be renewed. So we haul our kids into the grass full of chiggers and take our photos to preserve the memory. The memory - we made it through the winter. We save them for next winter and often send them in Christmas cards to friends to remind us. A day will come again when the bluebonnets will be out and the world will be right again. God Bless Lady Bird Johnson for her vision!

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