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First Day of my trip Nov 8-9 2010


The drive to New Mexico is longer than one person can make in one day, but trying to wedge a week long trip between my BSF commitments is challenging. I left as soon as I could after my Monday night BSF class and drove to Wichita Falls. I find the hardest part of any trip is getting out the metroplex. While it might seem like I snuck out of town in darkness, this leg of the trip went well and got me on the road.





The next day I headed out early, I needed to be in Abiquiu by 4. (The change to mountain time was in my favor.) Near Amarillo, there were cotton fields. I am not sure if I have ever seen cotton at harvest time. If I have, it was a long time ago. I hoped there would still be fields unharvested on my way home, when I can take some photos. My home place was once a cotton field I think. I know the there was cotton in the area of Georgia where grandfather grew up. Seeing the cotton fields resonated with me. And harvesting it looked as ugly as we have heard.

I stopped in Amarillo for the necessities of life and auto. The the fast food store had one of those height yardsticks by the front door causing me two reactions. As someone with vertical challenges I wondered how tall you had to be to eat here. Quietly, I was glad I wasn’t there at midnight.

Just north of Santa Fe I hit a stretch of about 20 miles where I saw no signs of life. A little eerie coming from a major metroplex. Tumbling tumbleweeds were the only movement and I am not sure how much life dry twigs represent. In Espanola, I was grateful to have my iphone to help me navigate the turns. Still, I went through a diamond area of town about 3 times before I got headed in the right direction. Espanola is also the place where you call your loved ones and sign off from the connected world. From a worldly perspective it is like going to the dark side of the world.

I made it to the ranch in plenty of time to register, dump things in my room, have dinner, take part in the pre-conference prayer time and finally to bed.


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