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Beneath The Texas Sky, the third book in The Lazy M Ranch series

Beneath The Texas Sky, the third book in The Lazy M Ranch series

Written by Kasandra Elaine, the writing team of Kassy Paris and Elaine Bonner

Beneath The Texas Sky published by Wild Rose Publishing in 2009,

ISBN 0-9712522-2-X



Disclaimer: Kassy Paris, a member of the writing team, is my cousin.


The books in the Lazy M Ranch series revolve around the Lazy M Ranch and the people associated with the ranch. While this is the third book in this series, the first two books do not have to be read to understand the plot. However, the reader’s experience will be greatly enriched by having read First I’m Nobody and Redigo’s Choice.


It has been fun and encouraging to watch the growth of the authors in this series. The writers have gone  from simple good writing to strong characters and plot development in Beneath the Texas Sky.


Beneath The Texas Sky

The focus in Beneath the Texas Sky returns to the working Lazy M Ranch. Rosita, John Redigo’s daughter, comes to the ranch from Mexico to spend some time with her newly-found birth father. All the folks at the ranch welcome her with open arms. One of the young ranch hands takes a special interest in her.


During her stay, mysterious events began to happen at the ranch threatening its   financial stability. The intrigue of discovering the source of these events and ending the threats eventually involves everyone on the ranch and their relatives, including some retired Texas Rangers. The action is carried from North Texas to inside Mexico. It has all the makings of a great Texas mystery.


In terms of relationships, this book develops more fully the relationships began in the previous books. However, the center of the story is the next generation of Rosita and the young ranch hand, Billy Gant. In their relationship, they face conflicts that are similar to the ones Rosita’s mother and John Redigo faced: wealth, class and private ambitions. They both are bringing their own faith baggage from their pasts.


Will the young people be able to develop a relationship amidst the intrigue and conflict?

Will they have more success than Rosita’s parents?


Once again, the writing team of Kasandra Elaine has maintained strong themes of characters struggling with faith and dependence on God. Some characters demonstrate their faith as they face the trials of their circumstances, while others are confronted with their need for redemption.


This is a great continuation of the lives of characters we have come to care about. It leaves the reader with a longing to know what happens next. 

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