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Redigo’s Choice is book two in The Lazy M Ranch series.

Redigo’s Choice is book two in The Lazy M Ranch series.

Author: Kasandra Elaine, the writing team of Kassy Paris and Elaine Bonner

Published by: Wild Rose Publishing in 2008 ISBN 1-60154-391-3



Disclaimer: Kassy Paris, a member of the writing team, is my cousin.


While this is the second book in this series, the previous book does not have to be read to understand the plot. However, the reader’s experience will be enriched by having read First I’m Nobody. 


Redigo’s Choice

Redigo’s Choice tells the story of the early life of John Redigo, the Lazy M Ranch’s manager. In his youth, he was a poor cowboy in South Texas working on a ranch when he. He fell in love with the boss’s niece, the daughter of a wealthy Mexican ranch owner. Despite their class difference, the couple enjoys a whirlwind romance and an even briefer, secret marriage. Her powerful father is able to drive the couple apart physically and emotionally. After a hasty divorce, Redigo wanders across Texas working briefly at a series of ranches until he finds a home near Denton at the Lazy M Ranch.


Twenty-five years later, Redigo and the ranch’s housekeeper, Addie Murphy, begin to realize their feelings for each other are deeper than the long friendship they have enjoyed. Before their new future together is stable, Redigo’s daughter from his brief marriage enters their lives.


From Rosita, Redigo learns the love of his youth is being threatened. Will he be able to rescue his first true love and keep the current love of his life? 


Woven into the story are the characters’ struggles with faith and dependence on God.  Some characters demonstrate their faith as they face the trials of their circumstances, while others are confronted with their need for redemption.


The story delivers all of the promises of the back cover. It is a story of the joys of love in youth and in the older stages of life. It also speaks to the need we have for good friends in our lives.  


The third book in the series is Beneath the Texas Sky.


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