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My Gray Pony

This weekend we laid to rest a long time family friend. She was a dear, sweet lady. I was asked to take part in the Eastern Star funeral service as the President. 


I was the first to speak from a written program to tell the story of my gray pony. When I was a very young child, the Pursley’s ran and 5 and dime store in Duncanville. They had a display case full of ceramic trinkets. Any time I went to the store, I stood in front of the display cabinet dreaming of being old enough to buy something from the cabinet. 


In 1955, the Pursleys decided to change the dime store into a fashion store. I didn’t see the value in moving from the exciting world of the dime store to a clothing store. (I didn’t know they were going to have fabric.) More than that, I was so upset I hadn’t been able to buy anything out of the display case. 


Of course, they had a big sale to move the old merchandise. My Mom and or Grandmother, maybe both, took pity on me and scrapped together a couple of dollars so I could get something from the case.   


I have a clear memory of standing in front of the display cabinet. Mrs. Pursly patiently stood there while I agonizing over all the choices. 


I walked out with my gray pony, which I still have, thinking I had been her most important customer that day.


Nadyne Pursley

1921 - 2011 


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