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Maybe I was in the heat too long…

Maybe I was in the heat too long…



As a part of my efforts to increase my physical activity, about 6 weeks ago I started walking at lunch. This isn’t a casual walk. I change into my work out clothes and really walk. We have an outdoor track that is across the street from our building, but enclosed by a fence that you use your building badge to enter. Everything I have read indicates that you get a lot more benefit from exercising outside, so as long as I can I am going to walk outside. So, far the heat has been okay, (it’s the afternoon when it is getting too hot.) It is a lot more pleasant to watch the clouds and birds and hear them sing than to guess the Jeopardy answers while toiling on the treadmill. And I know that I am using my arms more than I would on the treadmill. I bought a small MP3 player and loaded it with as much Pathways music as I could. It really makes a difference. Since the tree hit my head, I have been wearing a baseball cap to protect the scar.


This is our second track. They had to rework the first track a couple of years ago when they put in a parking lot. The first track was about a quarter mile long. I had been working on the assumption that it would take 4 laps to go a mile. I have been pushing myself to do the 4 laps every day. This week I was talking with a friend who also walks and he told me the track was a ½ mile. I could hardly believe my ears! I have been walking 2 miles for weeks.

Thursday, when I came in from walking, still in shock that I had walked 2 laps, sweat was pouring off my head. I was able to really look at my scar while I blowing my hair dry. After I changed, I went to the store to buy my lunch. In the checkout line, I saw the kid that plays Harry Potter on the cover of a magazine. Maybe I was in the heat too long, but I realized that my scar is just like Harry Potter’s

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