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Maybe I was in the heat too long…

Maybe I was in the heat too long…


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Its been a slow week

It has been a slow week. My head healed nicely, but I had to tell the story again and again. Tuesday, I had my cable switched from the local cable company to AT&T.

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How to not to get a tetanus shot

I got a tetanus shot Sunday. It was something I have been meaning to do for a while, an action item on my life plan. It just wasn’t scheduled for Sunday.

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Overgrown hedges need to be cut

Last week, I read that overgrown shrubs and hedges need to be cut to the ground and dug up. It is best to start with young, new plants. This was sad news to me. I had trimmed the row of hedges at the street to waist high, but I stopped there. It was safe; I thought it would give me more options.

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It is not just that the work is hard

It is not just that the work is hard, it is also frustrating. First there is the problem of getting the tools from the garage the 200 feet out to the street. Driving the tools and using the Astek as a work station is not an option. The parking at the street is the same place the cut brush is left for pickup. I have a great garden cart that I load up with chain saws, hedge cutters, water, gloves, insect repellant, sun block, camera and chair. By the time I get the cart down and up the driveway, I am usually out of breath.(This gets better everyday.) The driveway is steep in both directions and when it is wet (like it has been all spring) it slippery.


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The Planets Have Aligned

One day in the midst of considering how to make my home, property and myself more inviting, how to be a good steward of my land, how to increase my physical activity, the planets must have aligned and I received a letter from the city. Letters from the city are never good news. Often they remind me of something I know that needs to be done, but I haven’t gotten around to. This letter was different. The city had bought a new fire truck that was 2 feet taller than the current ordnance allowed the trees to hang over the street. In other words, they can’t get the truck down most of the older streets. They asked us to trim our trees as soon as we could. Working on my property became my next project. I started out to just trim at the street, but once I started clearing, I couldn’t stop. Most everyday I try to spend some time working on the land. As I cleared the overgrowth, I also started learning about my life.


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How to increase my physical activity

Then there was the diabetes diagnosis. My triglycerides have always been higher than normal. Since the chemo, nothing has seemed to phase the counts. With my April cholesterol check, the counts were high enough to trigger the diabetes switch. In reading about diabetes and talking with my doctors, I decided that the best thing I could do to prevent the increased blood sugar was to increase my physical activity. Working on clearing my land every day would be a great way to increase my physical activity.

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Being a good stewart


In this same time period, a reoccurring theme has been appearing in my Bible studies, that of being a good steward of God’s creation.

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