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My upcoming class reunion

My impending, sorry, I mean my upcoming high school reunion must be really on my subconscious mind.



Night before last, I had 3 different dreams related to this event. I am only going to share one here, but trust me, my doctor had a field day with symbolism in all the dreams that related to my fear of intimacy.


In the dream, some of the guys in my class got together and made a series of robocalls to the rest of us about the reunion. My phone rings and I hear, “This is Pepper Just reminding you to sign up for the Class of 1970 Reunion.” (I changed the name to protect me.)


I hate robocalls. The first time Bill Clinton called me in 2008 I was impressed. Three phone calls later I became irritated. This season of primaries for county judges has been particularly annoying.


I haven’t been able to decide if this was a humorous dream or a nightmare.


I have rsvp’d on facebook and sent my money in, so please, please no robocalls!

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