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Review of First I’m Nobody, the first book in The Lazy M Ranch series

First I’m Nobody, the first book in The Lazy M Ranch series

Written by Kasandra Elaine, the writing team of Kassy Paris and Elaine Bonner

Published by Wild Rose Publishing in 2008

ISBN 1-60154-262-3


Disclaimer: Kassy Paris, a member of the writing team, is my cousin.


The three books in the series tell stories of the people associated with the Lazy M Ranch set outside of Denton, Texas. Skylar McCrea inherited the ranch as a young woman when her parents were killed in an accident. John Redigo, the foreman, and Addie Murphy, the housekeeper, loved and supported Skylar, while helping her raise and train champion show horses. The atmosphere on the ranch was more like a family rather than boss and employees.


First I’m Nobody

 As they are preparing to show their potential champion, Skylark’s Son in Ft Worth, a stranger is seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident just outside the gate of the ranch. The man has some broken bones, amnesia and no identification. His nurses name him Duke Green to avoid using the common John Doe. Skylar is intrigued by the mystery man and offers him a room at her ranch during his recovery. Soon, Duke has made a place for himself as a friend and hand at the ranch.  Yet, Duke was haunted by the notion of being ‘nobody.’


The relationship between Skylar and Duke grows with each passing day. Duke’s past must be resolved before they can commit to each other. To unravel his past, Duke and Skylar follow small clues across the country. It is a journey including deception, betrayal, Texas Rangers and almost everyone in their lives.


Woven into the story are the characters’ struggles with faith and dependence on God.  Some characters demonstrate their faith as they face the trials of their circumstances, while others are confronted with their need for redemption.


Will Duke prove to be the man his new friends sense he is, or will he turn out to be a thief who has deceived them all?


The story delivers all of the promises of the back cover. It is an engaging tale of life on a Texas horse ranch and is filled with intriguing characters. 


The second book in the series is Redigo’s Choice.


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Redigo’s Choice is book two in The Lazy M Ranch se...
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