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The spinning effect of multitasking

Whenever I think I have fully recovered from chemo, something happens to remind of how devastating the effects were on me.



This week, my Dad fell and broke his hip. I’ve been staying with him at the hospital. My Mom is home bound and my brother was in New Mexico and Colorado with his family on vacation. There have been days when people and decisions have rapidly come into our room, and not always before the last item was finished or the person had left.  


Before the chemo, I was a pro at multitasking; not so much any more. One of the lessons I learned is multitasking is probably not the best answer; it’s not a skill I’m working to regain. However, there are times you need to be able to follow more than one thread at a time. Last week was one of those times. 


When I am presented with more than 1 option, my mind begins to spin out of control. I’m used to this when I create the options. I’ve been following Sarah Young’s advice from Jesus Calling, to ask Jesus to take control of my mind. Last week, it was outside forces coming at me. There were times I had to make myself stop to breathe.  


Dad is getting better every day. But, none of us really want to come to grips with how long it is going to take for him to recover, what it is going to mean for the structure of our everyday lives, and how log he and Mom are going to be apart. 

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